Friday, October 23, 2015

Weeks 30 - 35

 For the most part, I've had a pretty enjoyable pregnancy.  I always wondered if I would reach the point of just wanting the baby out.  I am pretty anxious about the whole labor and delivery part, dealing with my postpartum body and self, not to mention the whole bringing home a tiny human, keeping him alive and safe and happy and raising him to be a decent human being.  I can't truthfully say that I'm ready to have him out, but I am definitely ready to not be pregnant anymore!

Things started getting hard around week 32.  I try to console myself with reminders that my pregnancy up until this point wasn't that bad, so it's ok if the last 8 weeks really suck.  I wish that made things easier, but it doesn't.  It seems like each day gets a little harder.  Maybe it's just nature's way of convincing moms-to-be that we're ready to get the bun out of the oven.

Week 30
I had been sleeping pretty good until Week 30 or so.  There have been a few nights where I don't feel the baby move like usual, and instead of enjoying it and getting some sleep without being jabbed or rocked by hiccups, I was up ALL NIGHT worrying.  The next morning, even after he started moving like normal again, I still called the doctor's office.  The nurse kindly reminded me that babies sleep too, and if I ever go several hours without feeling him, especially after trying to get some sugar in my system, then it would be a problem and I should come in.  Even though I've experienced a couple of quit periods, baby always perks back up, usually with quite a vengeance.  Unfortunately, it hasn't stopped me from worrying the entire time he's still.

On the nights I can't sleep, I tend to toss and turn a lot, and sometimes that keeps Garret up all night too.  He was particularly annoyed with me one morning and was kind of terse talking to me as I was getting dressed.  He did a complete 180 turnaround though when he saw me struggling to put on my pants.  His tone immediately changed; he dropped whatever he was griping about, gave me a hug and said, "Pregnancy is hard!"  I'm not sure why after 7 months of being pregnant that's what finally started to get me my husband's sympathy, but hey, I'll take it.

Week 31
Things started changing around Week 31.  One morning, I got up and went to the bathroom, and I still felt like I had to pee immediately after.  I didn't feel like I had a UTI, and I was worried that the baby had dropped down already.  But, after a few visual inspections to confirm that my belly was in the same place it had been, and coming to the realization that I still can't breathe, I figured that he was just sitting funny.  I thought he might move and relieve the pressure on my bladder, but he hasn't.  Every morning, I have to pee at least half a dozen times between waking up and leaving for work, and as soon as I walk in the door, I have to go to the bathroom again, and it's all only for a tablespoon or so of pee!  That lovely process goes on ALL day.

Garret was finally able to feel the baby's foot do the ol' jab and slide move.  It freaked him out.  He screamed :)

Garret cracked a pretty good joke as I was headed out with a friend to dance concert.  The boys asked us if we were going to dance, and Garret snarked that there was a pregnant lady segment of the show where we'd just try to bend over and pick up things that we dropped.  Very funny...  
Week 32
All in all, things were still going relatively well, but it was like I hit a brick wall as soon as I got to Week 32.  The thing that put me over the edge was the swelling.  For a week or so, I could get the swelling to go down after putting my feet up at the end of the day, and I'd wake up each morning with normal sized feet, but that is a distant memory now.  I've had to put away all of my capris and shorter dresses, and I've even had to stop wearing socks because they cut into my feet so bad.

My poor legs, ankles and feet start the day out being huge, but it's nothing compared to what I end the day with; after being stuffed into shoes all day, when I get home, my feet look like Ron Perlman's ugly face.

Can you see the resemblance?

My hands and fingers also started to swell around this time, which meant I had to put away my wedding ring.  And that was also very upsetting to me.  I've been wearing an $8 wedding set from WalMart.  I'm sure it will turn my finger green any day now.

The cherry on top of Week 32 was getting a tDap vaccine, which I thought was just for whooping cough.  That shot HURT!  I text Hailee about it the next day and she told me it included Tetanus too, and that's why it hurt.  I was sore for a few days - I couldn't even reach for a paperclip!  Oh, and did I mention that Week 32 was when we had to replace our dryer which just up and stopped working?  The hits just kept on coming.  Nothing could help my bad mood.  It really was a rough one.  Even my boss, while understanding, acknowledged I was a little crazy and treaded lightly that whole week.

Week 33

All of the other unpleasant pregnancy side effects seemed to just amplify since that week.  Garret has been increasingly understanding, sympathetic and supportive since things have taken this slight turn.  He been taking good care of me while I get more and more useless.

The pounds have just been piling on.  I am well past my heaviest weight, and I worry about how high the number on the scale is going to go.

Apparently I snore all night, every night.  I know this because I wake up in a puddle of my own drool several times a night.

Heartburn rears it's ugly head every day and night now.  Garret bought me some Berry Smoothies-flavored Tums and after popping a few of them before I went to bed and in the middle of the night, I got a little relief.

I'm able to get a few good hours of sleep between 9 and midnight before I have to get up and pee, and then I am fine until I have to go again around 2 a.m., but after that, all bets are off.  Some mornings, I can go back to sleep for 30-60 minutes when our alarms go off at 5:30, and that helps a little.

On Garret's birthday, we started a four-week, third trimester crash course.  Garret decided we needed to take a class because, in his opinion, "we know where babies come from, but that's about it."  We were running late the first night after driving a Dodge Challenger around all day.  We decided we'd have just enough time to run home and grab the pillows we were supposed to take to the class.  Our neighbors were outside when we got home and wanted to talk, but Garret hilariously cut them off by frantically yelling, "Sorry, but WE HAVE TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL!" leaving our neighbors stunned and confused before I quickly told them we were just late for our class.  We're still laughing about that little scene.  I don't think he will ever live that one down :)  

Week 33.5
All in all, I'm glad we took the class.  We got some good information.  I think we were both under the impression that we'd show up at the hospital, I'd get an epidural and hang out in a bed until it was time to push, and then the baby would be here.  I didn't really have a clue about the different stages of labor.  I definitely had no idea what the whole after birth part was going to be like.  My jaw dropped open when our teacher showed up the gigantic maxi pads and mesh underwear I'll get to wear after!

The only thing that really bothered me was that our teacher seemed to be pretty anti-medicated birth, and made sure to go into all the details why natural is better, and what side effects having a medicated birth could have.  I didn't sleep the night after that class, and I called my mom first thing in the morning as I drove into work at 6 for some reassurance that getting an epidural will be ok.

I can't believe that we are less than 5 weeks away from meeting our son.  I am excited, but the whole thought of it all is still pretty daunting.  I worry about the whole process and how I'll do.  I worry about having the instincts to know what I need to do to care for my baby; I worry about being able to breastfeed.  I worry about instantly bonding with him, and about getting the baby blues.  I worry about keeping him safe and healthy and away from germs or anyone he shouldn't really be near.  I worry about when I should come back o work.  I worry about EVERYTHING!

Week 35
This week I've had noticeable cramping, and it's started to make me worry about premature labor.  I don't think I'm having contractions yet, but I worry they're on the way.  I hate not knowing exactly what to expect or what the timetable of everything will be.  I worry that I won't recognize if my water breaks, or that I'll definitely notice and it will happen somewhere embarrassing like at work!  Garret has been worrying about the fact we don't have our bag packed yet.  I guess that is something we will have to tackle this weekend so we'll have one less thing to lose sleep over.    

Another constant worry I have is about how the dogs will react to our new family member.  In every single prayer I pray, I ask that they'll do well and that they'll love and quickly accept him.  (If anyone else wants to throw in prayers about this, I will take them!!)  I just love my little stinkers so much, I hope we can just easily and quickly adjust to being one big happy family, with no hurt feelings.

In the midst of all the worry and anticipation, Garret and I have had fun putting the finishing touches on the nursery, and doing things like shopping for a coming home outfit.  We talk about how fun it's going to be next year to take our baby to a pumpkin patch, the zoo, and on other adventures.  We can't believe how generous our family and friends have been as we try to get everything we need together.  There's not much left!  Next Thursday, my doctor's appointments will start being weekly!  It's all just pretty mind blowing.  Ready or not, this baby will be here in no time.  

Now if only we could just agree on a name...     

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Week 29

Week 27.5
Pregnancy is SO CRAZY!  Perfectly timed with me officially entering Week 29,  I've felt A TON of movement today!  Today has been the first day I've been able to actually feel his little body as he moves, as opposed to just feeling his movements and the affects of those movements.  

This morning, I was a little startled when I felt either a little elbow or foot poke me!  I felt a weird, uncomfortable kind of jab, and when I moved my hand over it, I could feel a hard little bump!  I rubbed and pushed back on the little bump until he moved.  He was kind of reluctant to unlodge whatever body part that was, but eventually he relented.  It was the trippiest, craziest feeling!  I hope I didn't hurt him by making him move.

I haven't felt another jab, but he's been really active this afternoon too; I feel like I have a little synchronized swimmer living inside me right now!  It is the craziest feeling to have my hand on my stomach and be able to feel his little body as he's wiggling around.

Week 29 (Minus 1 day)
I know our little guy is maybe only 3 or 4 pounds, but I definitely feel full of baby.  I think he's lodged right at the top of my rib cage, all squished up with my lungs, but he also stretches down around the side or past my belly button where he always seems to be sitting heavy on my bladder.  I'm definitely not built for speed or distance these days.  It doesn't take much before I need a breather or a potty break.  I look forward to the day I can fully fill my lungs again, or when I don't have to pee a tiny amount every half hour!   

I'm worried I may be entering the "hard to sleep" stage now.  I had a rough time last night; I was already frustrated and exhausted (and grumpy at Garret) from only getting a few hours the night before (I blame it on having to come back to work after a long holiday weekend), but last night, I had heartburn (I seriously never get heartburn) and horrible headache, and the baby had hiccups for a long time!  When I finally got to sleep, I eventually unconsciously rolled onto my back, and boy, did baby let me know straight away that he doesn't like that.  Some of his strongest movements are when I've rolled onto my back for a few minutes.  He makes sure I get right back onto my side.  He was going so crazy last night that I almost woke Garret up to feel.

I still can't complain about all of this pregnancy craziness.  It is pretty amazing.  Every day, even though I may be a little uncomfortable, I'm always in some state of awe and wonder.  

Monday, August 31, 2015

Last Chance Summer Roadtrip

As the end of my 2nd trimester nears, I've been trying to make sure Garret and I do as many fun things while I'm still able.  Last weekend, we ventured down to St. George and Vegas for a quick trip to see some shows.

We woke up earlyish (for a Friday/day off) and headed up to the airport to pick up a rental car (through Costco!  Who knew they'd have such awesome deals?!).  After my doctor's appointment, we starting making our way down south.

I really enjoyed the drive down, just hanging out and talking to Garret.  Nothing very exciting, but it was just nice to have some time together, just us.

We made a pit stop in Beaver for separate missions we hoped to accomplish.  Garret was in search of an "I <3 Beaver" t-shirt, and just a week after googling Where can I get fried Oreos in Utah?, I wanted to pop into a place called Crazy Cow Cafe that served them.  They weren't quite as good as the ones on the Jersey Shore, but I still enjoyed them.  Unfortunately, Garret didn't find a shirt in his size, and he declined my offers to go to every gas station in at the next two exits.

When we rolled into St. George, we were pleasantly surprised to see that one of the restaurants we had been considering was in the parking lot of our hotel!  After a little rest, (and Garret having to call the front desk to send up more pillows for the pregnant pain the butt he's married to) we got dressed and headed out for our planned date night.

I am always a little happy when restaurants let you color on the "table cloth".  I challenged Garret to a few rounds of Tic, Tac, Toe, and he created a Connect Four board for us.  I was the victor of the evening!

Garret surprised me by ordering A SALAD for dinner at a Ribs and Chop House.  Granted, it did have a steak on top of it, but I wondered Who IS this guy? a few times.  If word of this salad order got out, it could ruin the meat eater reputation he's built over the last 30 years ;)

After dinner, we headed to Tuachan to see "When You Wish".  I was excited for Garret to see the amphitheater because he'd never been before, but I wasn't sure what to expect from the show, and I was a little worried he wouldn't like it. 
 My worries were in vain because the show WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!  It started out with a mom giving her daughter a book, and the girl dreams all of these Disney scenes.  It opened with scenes and songs from Pocahontas that included live horses, and transitioned into The Jungle Book.  From those first two segments, I was completely hooked.  It went through scenes and songs from about a dozen Disney shows including my favorites Mary Poppins, Newsies and Hercules!  It was fantastic!  The performers were all so amazing and great.  They really did such a great job with everything - actors were flying in and out and up and down on wires, The Little Mermaid scenes had people moving around effortlessly on wheels, and I FINALLY got to see the stage get flooded!!!  I had just been telling Garret about how I've always wanted to see that happen, but never had any luck to see shows where it did.  I love how Tuachan incorporates all the natural surroundings into their shows.  It really makes it special and unique.  I was so happy that Garret liked the show as much as I did.

The only drawback of the day was THE HEAT!  I knew it would be hot, but I think I naively thought it would cool off a little at night.  When the show got out at 11 p.m., it was still 90 degrees outside.  We were so happy to hop in the shower before bed.

After a great night's sleep in a king sized bed, we headed out in search of The Crepery - a place we passed by the night before.  I was not disappointed!  I had a nutella+banana+strawberry crepe, and Garret got one with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and pesto!  Even though the latte I ordered was took forever and ended up tasting bitter, it was still a great start to the day!

With full tummies (and a fresh Starbucks latte in my hand), we started the drive to Vegas!  The whole way there, Garret tried to get me to lean out the window, drum on the door and yell, "VEEEEGAAAAAAS!"  I'm sorry to report that I didn't :)

I guess I'd taken for granted all the times I've driven through that canyon in the top left corner of Arizona - Garret couldn't believe the view.  He made me take a few pictures for him, and I made sure that I was the driver during that stretch during our trek home the next day so he could enjoy the view.  The first thing we did when we got to Excalibur was go downstairs to the arcade!  What can I say, we live it up haha

We played a close game of air hockey, that Garret ended up winning, and then we tried a bowling game.  It was fun for a minute, until Garret broke his machine.  Twice.

 After collecting my biggest winnings of that weekend (a whole 15 tickets), we went upstairs to put a few dollars into the penny slots.

After awhile, Jim and Vanessa arrived, and we decided to take a walk down the strip.  (In mid-day, 104 degree heat).  Luckily, we ducked into plenty of different casinos to take advantage of the AC, and we made a few pit stops for drinks.  I thought I could at least get some virgin slushy drinks, but they all had the booze mixed in already, so I had to settle for water bottles.  Vegas does not cater to pregnant visitors! haha
After walking from Excalibur down to where the Paris, Bellagio and Ceasar's Palace are, I was getting pretty hangry.  Garret made the executive decision that we'd have lunch at the Bellagio Buffet.  I had a delicious, but odd combo'd meal of a prime rib dinner and breakfast platter, complete with a whole plate of desserts to sample.  I felt much better after being fed, and was able to survive the long walk back to our hotel.

We had some time to kill, so we decided to cool down and relax a little at the pool.  We were sitting on the edge of the pool, facing the hotel rooms, when we suddenly noticed a HUGE, NAKED person in the window of a room about 7 floors up.  There were so many fat rolls that we couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman, but they must have moved a desk over to the window, because they laid against the glass, totally butt naked, for a good 20 minutes.  It was definitely not the kind of show I came to Vegas to see, but I guess anything goes in Vegas!  Yuck!

Not long after that unwanted peep show, we went back to our rooms to get ready to see O.  Thankfully we took a cab back down to Bellagio.  We tried to go into Serendipity for dinner, but it was too close to showtime, so we scarfed some food from their window service and hurried over to the theater.
We were in the top left section of the theater.  It was cool to be able to be high enough to see the divers in the water, but there was seriously so much going on at any given minute, I wasn't sure where to focus.  I don't know if it was just because it had been a long, hot day, but neither Garret nor I were very comfortable.  Garret was sweaty and overheating, and I couldn't find a good position to sit in - my back, butt and legs had had it that day.  I was a little disappointed that I didn't completely love the show like I thought I would, but I'm still glad we went.

Outside of Bellagio, the line for taxis had to be at least a mile long, and no one in our group but me wanted to wait, so we ended up walking back to our hotel again.  I was glad the sun was down, but it was still 100 degrees.  I'm glad you can walk in and out and connect to and from casinos all along the strip!

When we made it back to Excalibur, we sat down for some ice cream sundaes before calling it a night.  And now I can say that I've slept in a castle :) 

It was a quick, busy weekend, but I was glad to get away with GareBear for a few nights before I'm too far along in this pregnancy to go anywhere!  (But, between you and me: I think I'd push for Disneyland before another Vegas trip - especially in the summer!)  :) 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Week 26 Ultrasound

Last Friday I had a Week 26 doctor's appointment, which included my long-dreaded glucose test and another ultrasound.

We invited my mom to come to the ultrasound with us; I had been really looking forward to it because I sure felt significantly bigger than I was at the last one.  I was excited to see how the baby had developed since we last saw him during Week 18.  I was sure we'd get a good show.  The tech was able to see his little spinal cord, the chambers of his heart and other things.  She kept showing us his "cute little feet", and when she moved over his little face, we could see his little mouth moving!  It was so cute and cool to see!  She burned us a DVD, which she said she doesn't usually do, but that our baby was just too cute.  I think she said he is just under 3 pounds.   

She checked out my fibroid, and I was happy to hear that not only did it not grow, but it actually shrunk a little!  That made me feel loads better, but I hope they still keep an eye on it.  From what she saw, everything is looking good!  I've gained about 6 pounds.   

I had been really worried about the glucose test.  I was afraid it would make me sick, and of course, that I would get bad news back.  But, a few days after the appointment, a nurse called to tell me the glucose test came back just fine, but my iron was a little low!  I wonder if I should have been tipped off by the ice cravings I'd been having for a few weeks!  She told me to try to up my red meat and leafy green intake or just buy some supplements.  Since I usually end up giving Garret most of the meat on my plate, I will probably just go with the supplements.

Week 24.5
I'm still feeling mostly okay, besides being tired a lot.  There were a few times my ankles and feet got kind of swollen, but that was only for a week or so right after a trip back East.  I wonder if the plane ride had something to do with it.

I think pregnancy brain has permanently moved on in.  I got lost on one of the floors at work; I was looking for someone's office that I'd been to several times before, but I was on the wrong side of the building!  And, a few weekends ago, Garret went out into the garage and found my keys were still in the door from the night before!  Luckily the garage door was down, but I think he's been keeping a better eye on where I've been since. 

My back gets achey every once in awhile, and sometimes I wake up with horrible, painful Charley horses in my legs (I feel bad for waking Garret up last night with "Ow!  Ow!  Ow!"s as I violently tried to move and massage my leg to get the cramp out).

Sometimes I get really grumpy.  When I'm not getting nosebleeds, my nose is all stuffed up and I snore.  It seems like I get easily tired and winded doing the most mundane, routine things. This week I discovered one other not-so-fun side effect that I don't want to talk about, but other than those small things, I feel pretty lucky.  Knock on wood, but pregnancy really hasn't been too bad (yet).  Sometimes I worry that it's giving me false hopes and expectations about how having a newborn will be!  Or maybe this baby is just a gem through and through!
Week 26

The baby is still just doing his thing!  I think I can distinguish when he's changing positions; I'm not sure if I've felt hiccups yet though.  Every night when I lay down for bed, I know I have 5 to 10 minutes before he starts a goodnight dance :)  The other night, I felt the strangest thing - it almost felt like he was trying to pry open elevator doors, but the elevator doors were of course my insides!  It was pretty trippy.  Not sure what he was doing there; I hope he's not thinking about making his way out just yet!

Garret and I are still tossing around different names - it seems like we both still have separate lists with not many names overlapping.  I really think we'll have to bring the lists to the hospital with us and decide on one once we see our boy's little face.  I'm hopeful that we'll find a good, fitting name, because we mulled over what to name Duke and Millie, and those names seem to suit them both perfectly!  :)

I'm in the middle of making arrangements with work so I'll be able to be part time when I come back from maternity leave.  Until then, I just plan on working full time as long as I possibly can and keep earning those full time paychecks and time off.  I'm so so grateful that I work somewhere with such great leaders who will work with me like that. 

Week 26.5
I spend a lot of time thinking about having this little boy join our family; I wonder what kind of person he'll be, what interests and talents he'll have, and I hope for the kinds of friends and influences he'll grow up with.  I look forward to the adventures we'll have with him, introducing him to new things and places, and I think a lot about the things I want to teach him, and the way I want to raise him.  Above all, I hope that we can raise him to have a kind heart and a sting moral compass; I hope he will be a friend to everyone, and be kind to those who especially need it.  I also want to raise him to be able to stand up for himself.  I hope he'll be confident and smart, kind, good and happy.  I have so many hopes for this little boy.  I'm so grateful to God for this gift, to have the chance to be a mother.  I hope that I'll be able to do it right.